LM Weddings

Think Outside the Ballroom.


When the wedding is by LM, it isn’t a conventional affair. It’s a little bolder. A little hipper. A little more...you.

Regardless of the size of your wedding, the venue you choose, the food, drinks and decorations you select, we’ll make sure your day is full of cheer, free from stress and overflowing with memorable moments. 

Our team will be your partner from the very first phone call. They'll manage every detail, from the venue walk-through to choosing the menu, managing the staff on the big day, even packing up gifts when the last dance is through. 


Food & Menus

There’s always something fresh on the table.

A stunning culinary experience is the centerpiece of an unforgettable wedding. We’ll custom build your menu — from the first delicate appetizer through to the last spoonful of decadent chocolate mousse —  using nothing but fresh, seasonal ingredients. Every dish is both meticulously prepared and exquisitely presented. 

Our chefs have been trained at some of the world’s most elite hotels and restaurants. We’ll custom build your menu using nothing but the freshest and most seasonal local ingredients. With virtually boundless options to choose from, your menu is certain to be as distinctive as you are.