LM 9-to-5

LM 9-to-5

Work day food you’ll actually love to eat.


Today an office is a lot more than just a place to lay down a laptop. It’s a brand showpiece.

It’s a place where you host customers and investors, and where your top employees — the kind that make the critical difference between success and status quo — are spending up to 60 or even 70 hours a week.

Given the increasing prominence of the office and its role in business success, heads of today's most innovative corporations are learning they need to provide amenities that go beyond the typical muffin basket and break room fridge and coffee pot.


We make work day food a satisfying culinary experience. In sharp contrast to the mixed bag of vendors providing different food for different day parts and different types of events, we provide a comprehensive, consistent and reliable catering solution — all at a cost that is probably less than you're paying now.

LM can handle all of your company’s dining needs on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, from everyday catering for employees to meeting and special occasions.

Call us. Our team of experts will design a custom program that fits your needs, your budget and your brand.



our food

We bring a European service approach to all our events, offering a contemporary take on your favorite dishes. We'll custom building your event menu from the ground up — using only the freshest, most seasonal ingredients. At LM we strive for nothing less than stunning culinary experiences. From the first bite of our savory smoked salmon crêpes to the last spoonful of indulgent mousse au chocolate, each dish will meticulously prepared and exquisitely presented.

LM Catering & Events will handle all of your food and beverage needs. Our culinary team of experts at will work with you to build your menu using only the freshest and most seasonal ingredients.